Twitter: Revisit

I just posted an article about taming twitter, pointing to an article about churches neglecting their twitter accounts.

Church Marketing Sucks revisits the topic, building on the previous article, with a discussion about how churches can do a do a better job with social media.

One of things that continues to come to mind for me is that social media is not the fad that many thought (hopes) it would be. Instead is part of the present evolution of communication in our time – like it or not. Twitter and Facebook are very different and require different approaches. The point being, we can’t ignore it lest we risk being relegated to irrelevance, and more importantly, we need an intentional strategy, tailored around the way we do ministry, and be willing to respond and adapt that strategy as we continue to learn how to engage better.

See the discussion: Churches Aren’t Paying Attention on Twitter: A Post-Mortem | Church Marketing Sucks.

2 Replies to “Twitter: Revisit”

  1. WOW! What a relief… For the last few months I’ve felt like a complete and total idiot because I wasn’t utilizing the internet the way everyone else is; until I read this “People. Who are you trying to reach? What are they like? Are they old or young? Blue collar or white collar? What are their online habits like? Are they on in the mornings, afternoons, evenings or late night? Simply put, what does the picture-perfect person who you are trying to reach look like?”

    That answers my question. My church is in a rural area in South Texas. Most of the people I am trying to reach are illiterate and impoverished. They don’t even own computers much less have any “online habits” that I can monopolize on.

    I’ve felt like an idiot for a while because everywhere, everyone I talked to, talked exclusively about online ministry. I’ve been “working the streets”, I’ve been reaching my community. I’ve just been “lacking” in the online department. But as this states… I need to identify my target audiences online habits… they don’t have any! HA, I feel relieved.

    1. Well, part of the assignment is choosing and exploring what to do (or not do) that works for your ministry… Not all ministries need all technologies…

      But – you could use online tools to bring awareness to what you are trying to accomplish there, to recruit missionaries to your work, to encourage short-term teams to help, etc.

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