WordPress Wednesdays: Customizing The More Link

This WordPress Wednesdays entry is a re-post from Matthew’s old blog as we resurrect them here at GeekRev.

We are back with WordPress Wednesdays and we have a very small but beneficial CSS trick for you to use.

In most WordPress themes including Standard Theme, used here, the “more” tag is used often on the main page of the site. What is the more tag? Within WordPress there is a button on the toolbar that allows you to “cut” your post into two pieces. So what is the point? Well the point of the “more” tag is to allow an excerpt to show on the main page and to encourage your readers who hit the main page to “continue reading” your post by click on the “more” link! If you are reading this now on the home page, you should see the more tag right….now! Continue reading “WordPress Wednesdays: Customizing The More Link”