Showing gratitude and appreciation is important.

I’m really not sure what brought this on, but my spirit is overwhelmed with thanks for all the people and organizations that I deal with. Right now, I feel like I should publicly thank GR’s site sponsors. I see a lot of other sites do this, and I honestly think it is a great idea to show your appreciation for others whenever you can. I had previously decided to post a thanks at every New Years, which I did for 2012. But I think I need to do more, and more often.

So, you’ll start seeing some closer looks at GR’s sponsors and what services/products they offer. As a sponsor, that means they’ve purchased ad-space on this site. None of them have paid anything “extra” for this closer look – it is purely out of gratitude that I do this.

But, don’t wait for my articles to check them out. All you have to do is click on their ad (right side bar) to go check them out for yourself.

Incidentally, while I am on the subject or gratitude and appreciation, I want you to know that I appreciate all of you who visit this site and allow me to be a part of helping your ministry do things better. If this site helps you in anyway, you can show us some love too, without buying an ad, in three ways.

First, you’ll find an ad-box (lower right) served up by Google. If anything in there truly interests you, click the ad, and check it out. GR is rewarded a few pennies when you do that.

Second, most of our product mentions (reviews, etc.) are linked to an product description page. Of course, we do this to give you quick access to more detailed information on the product, But we also earn a small commission if you make a purchase from one of those links. It doesn’t cost you anything more to do this, but it does help GR with a few more pennies.

Third, spread the word – tell others about us. Share articles that impact you on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc.

Again, we sure do appreciate our sponsors and readers. Love to all.



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