Sermon Illustrations From Movies

I’ve never been one to be afraid of engaging people where they are, using paradigms and allusions to elements within popular culture. Let’s face it, people live where they live, see what they see, and experience what they experience. At Thrive, we’ve used popular films as a connection and engagement point to bring the Message of Christ to light. I was lucky enough to discover a resource for making this easier. is a movie database with a twist. Not only do you get some general commentary on the content of a particular movie, but you also get some help with using the themes in that movie to illustrate Biblical truth.

As appropriate, sometimes these tips use the movie’s themes as positive examples of things God wants to teach us. Other times the tips call out a movie’s themes as example of the opposite of God’s plans and desires for us. These discussion tips include Bible references and help on how to approach discussions. They also have a topical index if you are looking for a certain subject, like “fear” or “greed.”

The only rub is that not all of the content is free. They offer a free email newsletter (which I get) that gives some free helps, and there are some free helps on the site. And, they do give some free guidance for every movie.

But, to get to more in-depth content, you’ll have to pay for a subscription service. I’ve not ever subscribed, but it seems reasonable at $100 per year. They also offer a couple of cheaper options.

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