Review: MiniSuit Stylus for Kindle Fire And Other Touchscreens

I’ve been having all kinds of fun with my Kindle Fire since purchasing it a few weeks ago. While I am the lead pastor at my church, I am also a “tentmaker,” working outside the church as an Architectural Designer. One of the many things that I think tablets are well-suited for is documenting existing conditions. While I haven’t used my Kindle Fire this way yet, in my mind’s eye, I can see sketching the building facades and floor layouts, and jotting down dimensions and notes. But – this would be a nightmare with your fingertips. So, I purchased a stylus, the MiniSuit Capacitive Stylus. Read my review after the break.

For starters, I thought it would be a little longer. The stylus’ length is somewhere between a crayon and an ink pen. From end to end, it’s 4-3/8″ long. I can almost conceal it if I death-grip it.

Despite it’s diminutive size, it feels quite comfortable in my hand. It is lighter than I expected as well, but that is turning out to be a good thing, staving off hand fatigue. The snowman image is something I drew with the stylus and the Drawing Pad app.

I really like the design of the stylus. It has a glossy black body, with chrome accents. The ball at the end of the clip makes it easy to clip to my pocket or the binding of my Marware Case.

It also has a lanyard with a plastic insert that fits into the headphone jack. This is pretty handy as it provides for a quick means to secure the stylus.

However, the lanyard isn’t long enough for the stylus to remain useful while attached this way. In fact, because of the placement of the Kindle Fire’s headphone jack (near center), you cannot stow the stylus while it’s attached.

The “writing end” of the stylus is made of a soft, rubbery material that won’t damage your screen. I assume that it’s size has been tested to be ideal for capacitive screens. I can be extremely accurate with it, but there is still a small potential for alignment error. This is sure to become less and less of an issue as I use it more.

Overall, I am very pleased with it. The MiniSuit Stylus is also very affordable, I got it from, shipped for under $10. That’s hard to beat in my opinion.

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