Review: Magic Hour (iOS App)

This post is part of the series: HDSLR Videographer’s Virtual Gear Bag.

Magic Hour (free) By elfinda apps is the newest addition to my virtual gear bag. The app is so simple, that I am kicking myself for not making it myself! Basically, the app lets you know when “magic hour” is upon you. “Magic hour,” also known as “golden hour,” occurs twice a day, during the first and last hours of sunlight. During magic hour, the light of the sun is at its most optimal beauty. More after the break.

When you launch the Magic Hour app, you are presented with an information-laden screen that includes start and end times as well as the sunrise/sunset time. The screen also includes a countdown to the next magic hour, as well as location data.

But, that’s not where the fun ends. Perhaps the most useful feature of all is found on the settings screen (accessible by pressing the “i” icon). Here you can set notifications! You can separate notifications for morning and evening magic hours. You can elect to be notified at the start of magic hour, and even set a “before” notification so you can have time to get ready for your shoot.

I’ll be the first to say that the Magic Hour app is not the most beautiful app I’ve ever used, but it is extremely useful!



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