Review: DSLR Filmmaker Toolkit (iOS App)

This post is part of the series: HDSLR Videographer’s Virtual Gear Bag.

DSLR Filmmaker Toolkit ($7.99) by BGW Labs is another extremely useful tool, and this one is specifically designed for DSLR filmmakers.

This toolkit is full of extremely useful tools that are well-designed and bundled together in one app. One of the best things about DSLR Filmmaker Toolkit is that it looks great. I mean, if you are a creative person, the last thing you want to find essential to your work is an ugly app! More after the break!

Here’s the list of tools that come with DSLR Filmmaker Toolkit:


Let’s tackle them one at a time.

First up is the “Slate Tool.” As you can see, it pretty much looks just like what you’d think a digital slate should look like. What you can’t see in the image below is that the digital time signature is animated. As you would expect, there are places to enter all the details of the take, like the take number, the scene name, the production title, etc.

If you press the “High” button, you get a high contrast version of the slate. If you press the “More” button, you get an additional screen that allows you to enter even more information for the take.

Next up is the “Shot Log,” which contains a listing of each take:

If you select a take, you get a detail screen, showing all the take’s information:

Next up is the “Viewfinder” tool. This little gem is pretty awesome. You select your camera, your lens focal length, and your image ratio to preview what a scene would look like – without having to break-out your camera and lenses.

The really smart thing about the viewfinder tool, is that you can save these shots, so you don’t have to remember how you wanted to frame a scene.

The next tool is the “D.O.F. Calculator.” This tool helps you with placement of subjects within the photographic field by helping you determine whether or not a subject will fit fully within a shallow depth of field. To use it, you simply enter the distance to your subject, the focal length of the lens, and the desires f-stop. In return, you are rewarded with the hyperfocal distance, near and far points of the focused depth of field, and the total length of the focused depth of field.

Moving along, we get to the “Daylight Times” tool. This very simple tool tells you the sunlight times for the current day. This is handy, but would be even better if you could select a specific date.

The final tool is the “Spirit Level.” As you might guess, this is a handy spirit level to help you make sure that things are level. The cool thing is that this tool is able to be calibrated.

I do want to mention one additional feature of the DSLR Filmmaker Toolkit – the help system. Throughout the app, you can find little “i” symbols, which, when pressed, give access to an excellent context aware help system.

This app isn’t exactly “cheap” compared to most apps, but it is certainly one of the best apps you can have if you are a DSLR photographer or videographer.

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