Preaching With The Kindle Fire

One of the biggest (if not THE biggest) reason for buying my Kindle Fire was so that I could preach from it. I’ve mentioned previously that while I really did not miss the iPad that I bought then sold soon after, I did miss how well suited a tablet device is for preaching. Interestingly, I noticed a lot of people are landing at GeekRev by searching for “preaching with a Kindle Fire.” So, I thought I’d walk you through my process.

1. Save your sermon notes to the cloud. I use Dropbox as my preferred cloud service. As soon as you finish your sermon notes, save it to your Dropbox folder on your computer, it should then sync to the Dropbox cloud.

2. Open your sermon notes in Quick Office. Every Kindle Fire comes, preloaded, with the free version of Quick Office, which basically lets you view office documents (full version allows editing). It just so happens that Quick Office lets you access file from your Dropbox! Here’s how: once Quick Office is open, press the “Browse” icon. Then press the “Dropbox” icon. You will now be able to browse your Dropbox cloud to open your file.

3. Zoom as desired. The default zoom level is way too small, so I pinch to zoom in (enlarging the text). Quick Office automatically adjusts the text to flow correctly with the new zoom level.

That’s it! Easy right?

Alternatively, you could use the web browser to browse the Dropbox site and save the file to your Kindle Fire, by long-pressing over the file name. The file will be saved in your Kindle Fire’s “downloads” folder. You’ll need a file browser app to find it and open it.

Press “Browse”

Press “Dropbox”

Pinch to zoom

11 Replies to “Preaching With The Kindle Fire”

  1. Herb – I have to tell you that I went and bought a Fire on your advice from reading your review and I have to say “Thanks”! I love the thing! When it come to preaching from it the problem will be (I have had it a couple of weeks but long enough to try preaching from) that I preach from a script and not an outline. I preach from about 7 pages of a script ( I do not read it but refer to it) and it would be about 188 pages on the Fire. That is a lot of finger flipping :) but I still might see how it goes one Sunday.

    Thanks again for encouragement because it has been a great investment.

  2. I’ve actually found Evernote as useful as Quickoffice for preaching from my Fire. The trade-off seems to be that Evernote notes cannot quite format as well as the QO document, but Evernote keeps everything in sync between PCs and the Fire pretty seamlessly.

    1. That’s good to know… with evernote’s self-syncing it should work pretty well like my dropbox approach… I’ve never really been able to get into evernote though…

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