Preaching from an iPad via FaithEngineer

I came across  one pastor’s process for using an iPad for preaching. When I sold my iPad, I have to admit that preaching with it was the one thing that I really missed. Currently I use my bride’s MacBook Air for preaching as it is small. But, I am kind of like Mike, in that he really doesn’t want to show off a device while preaching.

I went back to my slim three-ring-binder notes for a week, and just hated it. Preaching from a binder or pile of papers is distracting to both the speaker and the audience, and I do not miss shuffling paper at all. So, it looks like I’ll never go back to that again. But I am not satisfied with using a clam-shell notebook, even if it is the super portable MacBook Air.

Mike uses a iWork-Pages –> Dropbox –> iBooks work-flow, which is similar to my iPad work-flow. But instead of iWork-Pages, I used MS Word, and instead of iBooks, I used GoodReader.

Since changing to my bride’s MacBook Air, my work-flow is: Word –> Dropbox –> Word (fullscreen).

I have really been watching the tablet market, especially following the blogs coming out of CES, because I really think I am going to go back to a tablet of some sort. There really are a lot of choices, and since I am really only looking for a tablet to be a connected sermon reader, I probably will not go back to an iPad. We’ll see.

What are you using for preaching? Paper? A gadget?

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