Okii USB Follow Focus knob for remote-focus

In eager anticipation of getting my new camera, I’ve been spending a lot of time looking at gear to add to my toolkit. From sliders and dollies to remote switches, it’s a lot of fun to dream and salivate over some pretty cool stuff. I saw this on Engadget today – and it’s really cool.

It’s a remote knob for controlling the focus on your camera. You plug it into your camera’s USB port and it allows you to adjust the focus without touching the camera – presumably because you have the camera mounted on a rig of some kind. The photos on the manufacturer’s site make it look like the knob physically  it attaches to the body of the camera, but it doesn’t – what woudl be the point then (smile)?

I think it’s a really cool device, but at $400 – I think I’ll pass.

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