New Worship Media’s $5/mo. Motion Background Subscription

I am always on the lookout for great video resources for the church – especially affordable resources – after all, this site focuses on small church technology. We’ve covered some of these resources here, here, and here, but I came across another resource worth sharing.

New Worship Media serves up motion backgrounds, suitable for programs like Pro Presenter, for a $5 monthly subscription. For that price, you get unlimited access to their entire library. You can browse the collection, which is currently at about 115 motion backgrounds. While I did not see any timestamps verifying it, they say they add content to the library “all the time.” So, you should be able to keep things fresh during your worship sets.

Oh I almost forgot! They also have a few freebies!

(Disclosure – At the time of this writing, New Worship Media does not sponsor in any way. Of course, I wouldn’t argue if they wanted to buy ad space here.)

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