Magic Lantern Firmware for Canon DSLR Cameras Updated

I actually missed this news due to our move. Magic Lantern, the amazing 3rd-Party firmware extension for certain Canon DSLR Cameras has been updated. The update (to the recent unified code branch) enables owners of multiple camera models to utilize the same binary, which means that the same download works for all supported cameras. Additionally, a unified binary means that you can now share memory cards between cameras (of the same card type of course). Previously, you had to copy the correct binary to the card, overwriting the existing one, if you wanted to share a card between camera models. Details and links after the break.

Link to the Download.

Link to the discussion group page with all the juicy details.


Time for a new stable release :)

Most important changes since July 8, 2011:

* 60D:

– Upgraded ML to 60D firmware 1.1.0.
– To upgrade from 1.0.9 ML, the safest method is to format your cards,
run the Canon firmware upgrade, then copy new ML files and make your
cards bootable.
– Photo mode tweak: turn off main shooting screen with a long
half-shutter press.
– Battery indicator in percentage, on the top bar
– Movie mode remap on C position
– Slit-scan pictures are working now

* 550D:

– Easier to access intermediate ISO steps in movie mode (it’s just
like you would change ISO with standard firmware)
– Flash button in Movie mode toggles display profiles (you can
customize it to toggle false color or any other LiveView tool);

* 600D:
– A new series of bugfixes
– Seamless shortcut for enabling/disabling 3x zoom mode (DISP + Zoom In/Out).
– Audio module on 600D is still disabled; the audio chip seems
different than in 5D2/550D/60D/500D (at least the registers have
different addresses). I wasn’t able to figure it out yet; having
access to a camera for tests could help.

* All cameras:

– Fixed a few stability issues and bugs regarding intervalometer,
config autosave, bracketing, free space, bottom bar, magic zoom…
– Simplified install method for new users: the install procedure is
now basically “download, unzip, upgrade firmware and reboot”.  Check
the install guide for details:  (translations
available in German, Czech, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese
Simplified and Japanese)

 We want to hear from you – are you using Magic Lantern? If so, what do you like about it? If not, why not?

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