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DIY Multitouch Table

April 27, 2011 — 2 Comments

This is awesome. With some basic stuff, that you can either find/alter around your house or purchase cheaply, you can build you own low-cost, “homemade” multi-touch table. The cool thing about this project is that the creator has links to downloadable software and other resources so you can build a working table all on your own. He even has instruction for creating your own infra-red web-cam. Get a link and a video after the break. Continue Reading…

In-Ear Stage Monitors

April 26, 2011 — 2 Comments

We use in-Ear stage monitors (“ears”) at church instead of traditional wedge stage monitors (“wedges”). The biggest reason we do this is to control stage volume. In a small venue like our church, overall volume can become a real issue. Using ears lets you control the stage volume in two ways.

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We are so lucky at Thrive Church to have some very talented people who can produce video content for us, especially Michael Beck. In fact, check out the latest video he made for our Easter series. But, having the ability is one thing – having the time to do it is another. I can tell you that the amount of work going into the Easter videos is enormous. I am so thankful that there are lots of quality video resources available, at reasonable prices. Check out my favorite ones after the break.

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I am not anti-PC by any means, but I did switch to Mac last year. One of the compelling reasons for me is the music creation tool, Garage Band, that is only available for the Mac. Since buying my MacBook Pro, I have used garage band a lot to tinker with melodies, mostly to get what is in my head “down” so I can recall it later.

When writing music, the guitar is my weapon of choice, but is also one of the least Mac-friendly instruments. Typically, guitar connectivity comes at a hefty price. Continue Reading…

This Post is Part of a Series: Internet Campus for Smaller Churches»

One of the most exciting technology solutions that we’ve been developing is our online church experience. I’m going to write several posts dealing with the “how” and “why” of our particular online ministry. Keep in mind, however, that when it comes to online church, there are many variations. We’re not saying our way is the right way, or the only way – it’s just the way we do it.  Also, we are still messing with it – and probably always will be. Just like us all, it’s a work in progress. I hope that through these posts, you’ll gain some confidence and insight as you consider developing your own online campus.

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  1. Internet Campus: The Vision
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