Latest Magic Lantern: Easier Than Ever Install On Your Canon Camera

One of you mentioned in a previous post that you felt the install process for Magic Lantern to be daunting and confusing. That used to be the case! But, now it is so very easy to install Magic Lantern on your Canon Camera. Not only is there one download for all your cameras, the entire process requires nothing more than your camera, your SD card (including a card reader for your PC), and the Magic Lantern Zip file. I’ll go step by step after the break – trust me – it’s easy!


You do this at your own risk. While I have done this many times, and NEVER have had a problem, your mileage may vary. I am not responsible for anything that happens to your camera as a result of these instructions. Follow them at your own risk.

Step 0:

EDIT: Make sure you have the latest Canon Firmware (click here for T3i). Make sure your camera’s battery is fully charged. Turn it on, and set it to the “M” option.

Step 1:

Download the firmware. Here’s the link. Then unzip the contents to your computer to a separate folder.

Step 2:

Low-Level format your SD card –  on your camera. With the SD card in your camera, hit the menu button and find the format command. It should be under one of the “wrench” menus. Do it.

Step 3:

Copy the stuff you unzipped from the folder on your computer to your SD card. DO NOT put it in a folder on the card. Highlight everything at once, and copy it all, as is, to the very top level of your SD card.

Step 4:

Put the card back in your camera, and run the firmware update process. It depends on your camera, but usually you find the firmware version in one of the “wrench” menus, and select it. Doing so should bring up a pop-up menu with the option to upgrade.

Step 5:

Once the process completes, you should get a screen with green text saying that it’s done doing its thing. Turn the camera off. Pull the battery out, and put it back in. Turn the camera on, and you should the see the Magic Lantern logo after a second or so.


You should be set – enjoy!


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