Kinect & WinPhone7 Controlling Xbox Together

I bought my son a Windows 7 phone, which he really likes. I have to admit that the interface is pretty cool. The live-tiles feature, which shows important data on the main screen, is cool – and the idea is something I wish I could implement on the iPhone lock-screen. I think there is a paid app for jail-broken iPhones that will give you a more intelligent lock-screen. Anyway, I am getting off topic here. I think the WinPhone7 phones are pretty cool, personally – even if I’m not ready to trade my iPhone for one. I love when the iPhone meshes with other devices, and looks like WinPhone7 is getting some similar love. I just found this video, which is pretty cool, showing a marriage between the Xbox, the Kinect, and WinPhone7. Find the video for it after the break.

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