Introducing Matthew Snider

Hi, fellow GeekRev’s… I wanted to take a moment to introduce a new member of the team, Matthew Snider (@snidermatthew). Matthew is a husband and father who has been loving and following Christ. I first “met” Matthew through his blog, where he shares his spiritual journey, his love for tech, and his coding skills.

Matthew is a self-proclaimed geek who really knows his way around CSS and WordPress. In fact, he is currently taking a break from blogging in order to concentrate on building his business as a WordPress site builder and migration expert. I urge you to check out his portfolio site to see what he does. If you have been following along with us at GeekRev, and think you could use someone to help you get started with web technologies, you should contact Matthew and let him help you out.

What will Matthew be doing at GeekRev? He will be bringing his “WordPress Wednesday” series to GeekRev. “WordPress Wednesday” is a weekly offering, where Matthew will share ways to get the most out of WordPress. Sometimes he’ll share CSS and/or PHP tips, other times he may talk about plug-ins that he’s fond of, or some other cool way to tweak WordPress. I’ve been a huge fan of his “WordPress Wednesday” articles and eagerly await the next one!

Please, give Matthew a very warm welcome.

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