Innovative Re-use

As a pastor of a smaller church,we’re always trying to find innovative ways to use things – even for purposes not intended by whoever first designed them.

I recently ran across this iPhone Stand, and thought to myself, “hmm what could we use a normal-sized plunger for?”

1 – We could stick them to the foyer walls and use them for coat racks.

2 – We could stick above doors and hang cool signs from them.

3 – We could stick them to the floor in series and tie string between them to block access to messy spills (or puddles from leaky roofs)!

4 – We could attach them to the bottom of offering plates to make it easier to collect from the band.

5 – We could use them to pluck children from behind the safety gate when parents come to check them out.

6 – Speaking of safety gates, we could attach a bunch of them to each side of door jambs to crate a cool springy access gate – just make sure no one is behind you when you walk through – ouch.

7 – We could attach them to the floor in intricate patterns as a prayer path.

8 – We could pass them out to visitors as a highly practical gift.

What else could we use a plunger for?

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