YouTube – Inception in Real-Time

I was very late to the party with the movie Inception. Actually, I am late to the party for every movie because I’ve chosen to wait for the DVD release. Why? Because I prefer my amateur cobbled home theater to a public theater (grin).

But, with this movie I was a bit more “late to the party” because I actually don’t remember ever hearing any pre-theater hype. Usually I am like a kid waiting on Christmas morning as I wait for the release of a DVD, but this one caught me by surprise.

The DVD-release hype peaked my interest (specifically the exploding cafe scene – wow!). As I was watching the movie I thought to myself that it would be cool if someone did a real-time composite of the dream sequence. Well someone did. Enjoy:

Thanks to TheHouseStudio for the heads-up!

Disclaimer: I may talk about things that may impact your sensibilities. But, we will not all agree on what types of entertainment or technology is appropriate for churches, and this is OK. But, let’s keep the comments about the material itself and not let it devolve into a religious debate. I appreciate everyone who has chosen to be a part of this community – sincerely so. Let’s continue in extending the Grace of God to one another.

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