A Closer Look: Gorillamobile for iPhone 4

As a pastor of a smaller church, I’ve made the decision to embrace the facts that sometimes my personal property will be used for ministry. After all, the call does not stop just because I am “off” from the church. In fact, when I make personal purchases, a significant factor in the purchase decision is how well that item will fill both personal and ministry goals. For instance, my choice of a mobile phone was significantly impacted on how it would be used in both my personal and ministry spheres.

One of the things that helped me settle on the iPhone 4 was the built-in 720p HD video camera. After playing around with my friends’ iPhone 4’s and seeing some of the incredible short movies that were shot and edited entirely on the iPhone 4, I was highly impressed.

Since making the purchase, I’ve produced a number of videos for my blogs, and for Facebook fun. I’ve edited them both on the iPhone and on my laptop. The one thing I have always wanted was some way to stabilize it better. Trying to shoot a video while driving is fairly precarious and something I do¬† not recommend. I just got the Joby Gorillamobile tripod to solve this problem. They make a version for the iPhone 4, as well as one for the iPhone3G/3GS. Here’s a look at it.

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