Google+ Launches “Pages” – Good For Your Church

Google+, the new social-network kid on the block, has finally added their much anticipated “Pages” feature, which allows businesses and organizations the ability to create landing Google+ pages. Very similar to Facebook’s pages, Google+ makes it very easy to establish a presence for your church on the social network. More after the break.

“Pages” look pretty much just like personal profiles/walls. You can add photos to the “scrapbook” so that they appear like a banner of images on your Page’s profile. You can also add video, and photo albums too.

The whole thing is really easy to use – especially if you’re already familiar with Google+ personal profiles. You can even switch between your pages and your personal profiles (from your stream-view) very easily via a little drop down below your name (beside your profile picture).

When I first made my page, I chose the “local business or place” category, and I got the map you see below. I then recreated it using the “Religious Organizations” category, which lost the little map. I’m not very happy about that. But, at least I could add a link to directions on the right of the Page’s profile pane.

One thing to note – you cannot circle someone while in the Page profile unless they’ve circled you first. Right now, I think I like that. Seems like it would cut down on spam.We’ll see if I continue to like it later.

Of course, you get all the same sharing controls as with personal profiles. Nice.

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