Expertise or Experience?

This is a follow-up to my blog about being “tech savvy.” John Saddington once posted about “expertise” on his blog. I read it, agreeing with what he said, and then tucked it away for “reference” since we’re not really trying to come off as experts. But, recently someone used that term in a conversation with me about GeekRev. After the jump, you’ll find a vlog that I hope explains that we are not really trying to share expertise, while that may be part of what is shared. What we are really trying to do is to pass on our experience, which is often more valuable than expertise.

Some thoughts from the vlog:

  1. All of us at GeekRev could be considered “experts” at some things, but in many things, we are not “experts” at all.
  2. We’re not grand gurus passing on our great wisdom – we’re still learning – everyday. We sometimes fail at the things we try.
  3. What we offer is experience – and we think that is of more value than expertise a lot of the time.

Guess what – we know we can learn from you too! That’s why we want you to always feel free to offer your expertise and experiences too.

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