Ed Stetzer – Churches and Technology– Recent Research

I came across a post on Ed Stetzer’s blog, where he mentions the content of a couple articles concerning churches and web technologies. My have times changed! I remember when it was RARE for any church to have a website – when even the large, popular churches did not see the reason for websites.

These days, most churches have websites, even though I wonder how many really understand the tremendous potential the web has for new ministry paradigms. Even recently, I ran across a pastor who has an older demographic, who really did not see how a website could benefit his people. I wanted to say, “that’s the problem, you’re only looking at how it benefits those already in the house,” but I didn’t.

To me, there are three things a website should accomplish:

  1. provide general information about your church
  2. minister to your “members”
  3. minister to people who are not your “members”

These three things should be carried out in a way that makes sense for the community your church serves.

What do you think church websites are supposed to accomplish? Agree with my list?

Here’s Ed’s blog post: Ed Stetzer – Churches and Technology– New Research Released Today.

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