Dumb Inventions

With technology, you are going to have some hits, and some misses. We’ve certainly had our share of misses as we’ve experimented with things at Thrive Church. But, I’ve always loved people with inventive and adventurous spirits. There’s just something amazing about daring to try – daring to think outside the box – daring to go where no one has gone before. With experimentation we have to expect the occasional failure. To some the very prospect of failure is enough to prevent invention. To others, failure is just another an opportunity to learn.

To celebrate those who step out and try, I thought I’d bring some humor your way. Courtesy of FoxNews.com: A Brief History of Dumb Inventions.


2 Replies to “Dumb Inventions”

  1. “A robot equipped with a fast-draw invention shoots it out with a live gunner in 1960. It’s always easy to question the wisdom of giving a robot a gun — but also making him quick on the draw is just irresponsible.”


  2. “The cages were distributed to members of the Chelsea Baby Club in London who have no gardens, or qualms about putting a child in a box dangling over a busy street.”

    Michael Jackson was ahead of his time.

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