DSLR HD Video – The good, bad, ugly

DSLR’s are a great platform for cinematography, but there are some issues you ought to be aware of. I found a pretty good article that explains the issues surrounding using DSLR’s for cinematography. It’s a bit dated, having been written in April of 2010, but that’s not too bad. Michael touched on these issues briefly when he did his series on choosing  cameras for your church. This article goes a bit deeper into the tech details.

While the tone of the article is pretty negative of DSLR’s, the output and the adoption by major studios is enough of a defense to that negativity. There are good reasons they choose to use DSLR’s, and you should too. The fact is that DSLR’s offer an incredible end result, at crazy good prices, with a lot of flexibility to boot.

Here’s the article – go read it: HD video with DSLRs – The good, the bad and the ugly.

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