First and foremost, GeekRev’s mission is to source the church, especially small churches, with content that helps churches use technology cheaper and better. A secondary goal of this site/ministry (and others) is to provide some income as I pastor, since my bride and I (Herb) decided not to draw a salary from the church.

With that in mind, and with the intent to abide by FCC Guidelines, I want you to know and understand that:

  • You can assume that ALL content on this site has the potential for a financial impact for me and/or other authors.
    • That means that products I review may include links that provide sales commissions.
  • The products reviewed may or may not be products I personally own.
    • In “hands-on” style reviews, assume I bought it myself, or borrowed it from a friend.
    • At some point, I may be asked to review a product by a manufacturer – assume that they gave me the item(s) for review, which they may let me keep.
    • I intend to disclose such information at the time, but I may forget.
    • You can however, always know that I will offer my honest opinion, which may or may not be favorable to the manufacturer – but it will be honest.
  • I reserve the right to offer page and feed real-estate for ads, affiliate style product links, or other income generating mechanisms.

Again, the point of this blog is to be a resource for the small church community, first and foremost – whether money is ever made through it or not.

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