CSIS: Crimekit for MacOSX launched

We previously shared about a recently introduced security threat aimed at Mac users that tries to trick users into installing malware/scare-ware for the express purpose of stealing a user’s money. Following that news, in a somewhat foreboding way, an IT security firm, CSIS, discovered a tool being distributed through underground forums that will make it even easier for the criminally minded to create Mac malware.

CSIS reports that a new version of a “do-it-yourself” kit, written first to target Windows users, has been released that makes it as easy as clicking a check-box to create Mac-targeted malware. This malware is designed to exploit website forms via the Firefox web browser, with the authors promising Chrome and Safari exploits in upcoming updates.

Please, be careful and don’t assume you’re immune from such threats just because you use a Mac.

CSIS: Crimekit for MacOSX launched.

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