Create 3-D Models with a Cell Phone

With the advent of 3D TV’s into the mainstream, we are bound to see more and more interest in consumer-level tools for creating 3D content. Microsoft researcher, Eric Stollnitz, shows off his work on a project that will construct 3D scenes from a series of photographs. He used his cell phone to capture the images.

One of the major goals of the project is to make the user’s experience as easy as possible. The software does all the hard work of interpolating camera positions based on comparative analysis of the group of photos. The result is a fully navigable 3D scene.

The technology is limited to recreating stationary objects. I could not find any details about the exportability of the resulting models. I could see this technology being used as a quick way to create 3D scenes in which to place real or virtual actors for sermon illustration videos.

For a video demonstration go here: 3-D Models Created by a Cell Phone.

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