Competition in technology helps the church.

Competition in technology helps the church.

At our church, we have our share of fanboys, be they Mac-fanboys, Windows-fanboys, or None-Of-The-Above-fanboys. We’ve had some pretty healthy debates about what product / company is better / worse. (Yes, I have expanded by own position over time).

And, to be honest, I love the banter. Even more so, I love it when the tech leaders get energized and competition flourishes. When competition flourishes, the technology advances and prices go down. When prices go down, smaller churches have better access to that technology. So, it absolutely tickles me when I see something like the video below, which is basically one company saying, “Hey, bring it on!”

Source: Motorola’s ‘Tablet Evolution’ video teases some Honeycomb at CES — Engadget.

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  1. The tablet market is beginning to get a lot of attention. We need a tablet with an interface designed for the size and features of a tablet, not an OS that’s been slapped in and modified for use on a tablet.

    1. yup – but I don’t mind the latter so much IF it’s done really well – I forgot what company, but someone did a conversion of a mackbook pro to a tablet and it looks amazing – except for the price

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