Collide: When Technology Goes Backward

I’m becoming a big fan of Scott McClellan. Monday, I shared and commented on an article he wrote about the redemption of technology. Today, he offers another piece that inspires critical thinking about technology and the church.

Michael Beck commented here that our implementation of technology “doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be useful.” As a person who loves tech, I have a predisposition to wanting to try every cool thing I see that might have a remote use in ministry.

While I don’t think there is anything inherently wrong with exploring things that could help your ministry, you also have to have an objective honesty about whether or not it is something that should be used in your ministry, given your ministry’s near-term and longer-term strategies, goals and values.

Case in point: when YouVersion’s “Live” product came out, I was all over it, testing it out for about a month. I ended up abandoning it – not because it was a terrible product (it is awesome), but because it was distracting from things that have a higher value to us at the present time. It’s not about technology for technology’s sake – it’s about using technology to serve the Kingdom.

See: Collide Magazine | Blog – When Technology Goes Backward.

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