Church Websites – Starting Off Right

One of the very first things we did at GeekRev was a series about starting a church website the right way. That was December of 2010. Well, surprisingly (or not) many small churches still do not have a website, and we’ve picked up quite a few new readers since that time. So, I thought it would be a great idea to revisit that post series.

  1. Church Sites Part 1 Domains – Excerpt: “Today, let’s talk domains. Just in case you don’t know, a domain name is basically the “address” of your website. Instead of a house number and street address, you can get a plain English name that represents your ministry.”
  2. Church Sites Part 2 Free Hosting – Excerpt: “One of the things that can get pretty confusing when it comes to church websites is “hosting.” Basically, hosting refers to a digital home for the guts of your website. This is where your files, images, sound files, etc., are stored. Think of the hosting service as your website’s house, and the domain as it’s mailing address.”
  3. Church Sites Part 3 WordPress – Excerpt: “WordPress. Get it. You won’t be sorry.I don’t say this lightly. I changed to WordPress from my very own (CMS) – one that my buddy and I wrote ourselves from scratch. One that I deployed on dozens of websites over a 13 year span of time. One that was tailored exactly how I think a CMS should work and one that I still love.”
  4. Church Sites Part 4 Design – Excerpt: “There is an adage in information technology: content is king – and it is true. Bad content sucks. Bad content can not be overcome by great design. But, good content can be overlooked because of bad design.Trust me, you really need to spend intentional energy on the look of the site. You don’t have to be an artist to get good results. Especially with the plethora of free styles and themes available out there.”
  5. Church Sites Part 5 Essential Content – Excerpt: “When you decide what to put on your website, you have two audiences: your people, and potential visitors. You have to decide how you mix information for these two groups. However, there is some content that I believe are absolutely essential for every ministry website.”

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