Church Sites Part 3 WordPress

December 8, 2010 — 9 Comments

Be sure to read the previous post about hosting your website.

WordPress. Get it. You won’t be sorry.

I don’t say this lightly. I changed to WordPress from my very own (CMS) – one that my buddy and I wrote ourselves from scratch. One that I deployed on dozens of websites over a 13 year span of time. One that was tailored exactly how I think a CMS should work and one that I still love.

I put my CMS on the shelf, and will more than likely never use again. Here’s why.

1) WordPress is FREE open-source software, built on industry standards. They have a development team that keeps making it better and better. While it was built initially to be blog software, it has evolved into a full-fledged CMS.

2) It’s extensible. There are TONS of plug-ins available for FREE, that will make your blog/site do just about anything you can imagine. The plug-in library is peer-graded, meaning actual users rate how well they work.

3) It’s extremely customizable. There are so many FREE themes available for your blog that you can find something that fits your tastes, and won’t look like everyone else’s site. Most themes have built-in ways for you to further customize them. And, if you know something about web technologies, you can get in there and fine tune to your heart’s content.

4) It’s reliable and well supported. If you have trouble, google the symptoms and you are sure to find someone who faced your issue before and has a solution. I’ve never spent more than 5 minutes finding solutions. The organic community around WordPress is amazing.

5) It’s easy to setup. You download the free software from and install it on your own server, OR you can use their free service,, to run your blog/site, and you don’t have to setup anything at all.

The bottom line is that I’ve never seen anything as extensive but easy as WordPress. Recently Microsoft moved it’s blogging service to WordPress – pretty high praise for an open-source product, if you ask me.

Next Post: Design.


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Herb is the lead pastor at Thrive Church. Herb also does freelance web design, 3D architectural modeling, and works as an architectural designer.

9 responses to Church Sites Part 3 WordPress

  1. I have to agree with you Herb. I have used all kinds of CMS, from PHPNuke to Joomla, and they don’t have what WordPress has. Really, WordPress has the ease of use that PHPNuke has, and the power that Joomla has. Its a really awesome combo!

  2. Oh yeah, totally agree. Have played with diff CMS, but only for general knowledge – WP had me in love the first time I got a blog.

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