Dropbox Update Adds Sweet Features

We’ve been very open about our love of Dropbox. The amazing service is crucial to our workflow as a church of volunteer staff. I use it on my personal Mac, my work PC, and on my iPhone. While awesome, the iPhone app had some limitations that are part of the challenges of integrating the service into iOS. The most recent update, however, addressed two of the challenges that irritated me most. Continue reading “Dropbox Update Adds Sweet Features”

To Xoom Or Not To Xoom

So you’re in the market to purchase a tablet to help you, you know, with your sermons. You’ve decided you would rather go Android than iOS (gasp!). The next question you have is, do you spend the 6 to 7 bills (unsubsidized) needed to purchase the flagship XOOM, or do you forgo waiting until it releases later this month, and settle for a lesser tablet now?

Here are some (very) quick thoughts before making your purchase: Continue reading “To Xoom Or Not To Xoom”

Free Advice For Your Church Production Team

I was privileged to be a part of beta testing a new site designed to create a support community for those involved in Church Production – which is a fancy term church sound and video for worship services. Most of us who deal with small church technology know that “team” is often a fancy worked for “one person” (grin). The goal of this new community is to help church techs of all levels learn from one another. The system is a live question/answer site, where anyone can post a question which can be answered by anyone/everyone¬† in the community. Continue reading “Free Advice For Your Church Production Team”