Review: FiLMiC Pro (iOS App)

This post is part of the series: HDSLR Videographer’s Virtual Gear Bag.

FiLMiC Pro ($3.99) by Cinegenix, LLC is a video recording app, that speaks the language of film-making. I’ve included this app because sometimes, you just need an extra camera. While the iPhone is no DSLR, if you have at least an iPhone 4 you get a capable HD video camera built-in. The default camera app that Apple provides is capable, but in typical Apple-style, options are limited. And if you are serious about the movies you make, things like bit-rate, frame-rate and framing mean a lot to you. That’s why FiLMiC shines so brightly. More after the break. Continue reading “Review: FiLMiC Pro (iOS App)”

Review: DSLR Filmmaker Toolkit (iOS App)

This post is part of the series: HDSLR Videographer’s Virtual Gear Bag.

DSLR Filmmaker Toolkit ($7.99) by BGW Labs is another extremely useful tool, and this one is specifically designed for DSLR filmmakers.

This toolkit is full of extremely useful tools that are well-designed and bundled together in one app. One of the best things about DSLR Filmmaker Toolkit is that it looks great. I mean, if you are a creative person, the last thing you want to find essential to your work is an ugly app! More after the break! Continue reading “Review: DSLR Filmmaker Toolkit (iOS App)”

Review: Pocket Light Meter (iOS App)

This post is part of the series: HDSLR Videographer’s Virtual Gear Bag.

Pocket Light Meter (free) by Nuwaste Studios, is a really useful and easy-to-use light meter. A light meter helps you determine how well lit a scene is, helping you decide what measures, if any need to be taken to make sure a scene is lit properly. There are many competing apps in the iOS appstore, but this is the best in my opinion (and I’ve tried most of them). See my review after the break.

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HDSLR Videographer’s Virtual Gear Bag (iOS Apps)

Hi folks! I’ve been working on a fairly big project for GeekRev. As the title of this post describes, I’ve put together a virtual gear bag of iOS apps that help the HDSLR videographer who owns an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. This is a series of posts, each one dedicated to a separate iOS app, but I will update this post as a “master-list” so that you can find everything in one spot once the series is done. I’ll fill in the list below as we go along! Continue reading “HDSLR Videographer’s Virtual Gear Bag (iOS Apps)”

App Review: NIV Study Bible

UPDATE: Contest: Enter to Win the NIV Study Bible App for iOS

I got a chance to look at an incredible study Bible for your iOS device. The NIV Study Bible, by Zondervan is pretty amazing. It’s not just a Bible reader, it’s a multi-media study tool – complete, with videos, photographs, charts, and even virtual reality environments. It is so feature-packed that I couldn’t just write a post – it really deserves a video review, which you’ll find after the break. Continue reading “App Review: NIV Study Bible”