Review: Worship Media Creator

I was asked┬áby┬áJordan Mederich of to review Worship Media Creator, a church worship presentation creation tool. For disclosure, they sent me a copy of the program free of charge in exchange for an honest review. It’s taken me a while to really get into the nuts and bolts of it, (no fault of the software) but I finally have a good feel for the capabilities of this tool and wanted to let you all know what I’ve found. Catch my review after the break. Continue reading “Review: Worship Media Creator”

Airplay, Google, And Church

Airplay Icon

I’ve been a fan of Apple’s Airplay technology for a very long time. Not that I’ve personally used it much at all. I do not have an Apple TV, and I have not upgraded the OS on my iPhone to take advantage of it fully. Honestly, so far, the extent of my use is pushing music to the church’s house sound system. So, while I am a huge fan of the technology I am not a big user. However, many of the ministry leaders are using it much better than I am. So why am I, a big fan, a non-user? Let’s talk about that after the break. Continue reading “Airplay, Google, And Church”

Review: The “Perch” iPad Stand By IPEVO

Hello World! The fine folks at sent us an awesome product to review. It’s an iPad stand, that comes in three sizes, called the “Perch.” They sent us the “L” model, a podium-height stand that could be used for public speaking, or as a musician’s aid – among other things! I think they’ve done a great job with it. See our video review after the break!

Continue reading “Review: The “Perch” iPad Stand By IPEVO”

DIY Camera Dolly & Track System

One of the most valuable things you can do for your video productions is to add camera movement. I’m not talking about the “shaky cam” fad that seems to be so overdone in too many videos. I’m talking smooth camera slides. Some time ago, I mentioned I was on the look-out for a DIY camera slider. I found a camera slider that met the cheap requirement, but it’s limited to slide distances of only about 20-inches – not bad, but not great. So, I set out to build a slider system that I could transport with a truck but that was very easy to assemble – for about the same price as that little camera slider. See if I accomplished my goal after the break. Continue reading “DIY Camera Dolly & Track System”