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About a year ago, I wrote a post describing a basic videographer’s kit. Over that year, I’ve been doing a lot more videography and I’ve naturally changed some of my opinions about the subject. So, I decided to update that post today. I’ll see you after the break!

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I missed this, which was announced on 9/10/2012 (thanks for catching it!) – Google has finally enabled real editing of Google documents on iOS. If you recall, the reason I sold my iPad many moons ago was centered around lack-luster Google docs usability. I haven’t tried it yet (need to borrow my wife’s iPad), but from what I am reading it looks promising. [more after the break] Continue Reading…


I ran across this tool today that allows you to test how your website reacts to various device screen sizes. You simply enter your URL in the text box, and it loads your website in several common device screen sizes. The tool is specifically intended to test responsiveness of you layout on mobile devices.


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Wow – a huge obstacle to using free services to stream your church events – ads – are a thing of the past with the new Livestream. The only real issue with the free, ad-free account type is that viewers will have to log-in to see your event.

From the announcement email:

Get full access to our suite of live video and live blogging tools – FREE! The suite includes encoding software for Mac and PC, ad-free event pages and mobile broadcasting to the web from the Livestream for Producers iPhone app

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Unlike other streaming platforms is going ad-free and never imposes banner ads, pre-roll or mid-roll video that typically clutter and disrupt watching events on the web or via mobile.

I’ve been a “redditor” for 2 years now, and I’ve only really recently began to be expressive on that service. Reddit is an intense community for sharing information on the web. It’s more than a link-sharing site – it is also a Q/A website (and that is a very vague description). Reddit has “sub-reddits” which are mini communities built around specific focus areas. For instance, there is a photography sub-reddit and a cooking sub-reddit. Reddit is hard to explain, and the reason I took 2 years to really get active is because while it is a tremendous resource for net-junkies like me, it is also a tough community to interact with. In fact, the folks can be quite hostile to Christians.

However, in the past year, I’ve seen a surge of tech-savvy Christians who are unafraid to swim in Reddit’s waters, and who also give, through the example of their demeanor, a glowing example of Christ-likeness. Recently, released their list of the top 20 church tech websites, which I went to share on Reddit. I discovered that there was no sub-reddit dedicated to using technology in church. So, I made one. Introducing /r/churchtech – the sub-reddit for church technology.