How To Use The Bible Tool In ProPresenter 4


I’ve noticed a few search queries here at GeekRev about using the Bible Feature in ProPresenter 4. To be honest, we really never use that feature. In our work-flow, I create sermon slides while I am writing the sermon (PowerPoint) and drop them in our Dropbox for the tech team to import into ProPresenter 4. But, it’s really not that hard to use the built-in Bible solution, and in fact it’s pretty cool. I’ll cover the feature after the break. Continue reading “How To Use The Bible Tool In ProPresenter 4”

Affordable Digital Music Stands Pt3 – Features

I hope you enjoyed the previous article. Our custom digital music stand software is built on Microsoft Office Professional, specifically Microsoft Word, Microsoft Access and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).  Microsoft Office can add significantly to the cost of the software package but if you already have a multiple license bundle it may be cost effective.  Making a digital music stand out of these components is not a trivial task.  It requires some programming skill and knowledge about VBA and Microsoft Access forms.  One major advantage to this is that applications can be developed very quickly if you have the aptitude.  There is simply too much to cover here but I do want to cover some items you might want to consider if you decide to build or purchase your own Digital Music Stand. Continue reading “Affordable Digital Music Stands Pt3 – Features”

12 new file formats in the Google Docs Viewer – Docs Blog


Wow. As I’ve mentioned before, we’re pretty big users of Google Docs to supplement our desktop office suites. One of the great things about Google is it’s continuous development of its online suites. Today, Google announced it added support for 12 new file formats to its Documents support. Here’s the list of formats: Continue reading “12 new file formats in the Google Docs Viewer – Docs Blog”

Having Fun With 2.8 F-Stop

I’m still waiting for my T3i to release/ship, but I was able to have a little fun with the f2.8 Tamron lens that I just bought. A buddy let me play around with it on his T2i. The big deal about the f/2.8 is that it gives you some incredible depth of field dynamics. You can literally pick and choose what objects get “focus” while really putting the other objects out of range. To demonstrate the power of the f-stop ratio, we also played around with a f/5 lens that he owns. The control over depth of field is incredibly different between the f/2.8 and the f/5 lenses. Check out the photos we took after the break. Continue reading “Having Fun With 2.8 F-Stop”