Understanding Camera Lenses: Vimeo Lesson Series With Vincent Laforet

Chances are, as a smaller church serving a smaller faith community, you probably don’t have the luxury of an incredibly talented and knowledgeable videographer like our very own Michael Beck. So, you don’t get to cheat like I do when it comes to learning how to use camera equipment well. Fortunately, for at least one particular subject, lenses, you can get good advice that is easy to understand. Vincent Laforet and Blake Witman put together a sweet video series that teaches the basics of understanding lenses – for free. More about that after the break. Continue reading “Understanding Camera Lenses: Vimeo Lesson Series With Vincent Laforet”

Creative Inspiration: World’s Largest Stop Motion

I first saw this on a publishing house blog that I follow. Basically what we have here is a gigantic stop motion animation, titled “GULP,” crafted on a beach. What draws me to this is not only the creative value, but also the production value. As I watched the actually product film and the “making-of” film, my mind was teaming with applications for video projects for my church. I hope you are inspired as well. After the break, find the finished product, and the “making-of” film. You’ll be surprised what cameras they used. Continue reading “Creative Inspiration: World’s Largest Stop Motion”

Vimeo Pro – Video Hosting for you Church

Vimeo has always had a more “artistic” community than other video services. But, interestingly, Vimeo just announced their new service called Vimeo Pro which is a video hosting solution for “businesses.” It allows organizations to leverage Vimeo’s incredible video delivery system without slamming their artistic community with a bunch of commercial content. After the break, I’ll tell you why I think this is great news for smaller churches. Continue reading “Vimeo Pro – Video Hosting for you Church”

Pro Presenter 4: Expand Your Looping Background Library For Free


UPDATE: We’ve written several other articles about Pro Presenter. See more.

Did you know that you can expand you ProPresenter 4 looping backgrounds library without purchasing or downloading any additional media? Well you can, easily octupling your library (or more)! In this video tutorial for ProPresenter 4, I show you how to do just that. Catch it after the break.

Continue reading “Pro Presenter 4: Expand Your Looping Background Library For Free”