App Review: NIV Study Bible

UPDATE: Contest: Enter to Win the NIV Study Bible App for iOS

I got a chance to look at an incredible study Bible for your iOS device. The NIV Study Bible, by Zondervan is pretty amazing. It’s not just a Bible reader, it’s a multi-media study tool – complete, with videos, photographs, charts, and even virtual reality environments. It is so feature-packed that I couldn’t just write a post – it really deserves a video review, which you’ll find after the break.I’ve been told by the publisher that they are soon to release an Android version. I asked specifically if it would be compatible with the Kindle Fire – they said “yes” – we’ll see.

[tentblogger-youtube 4-VUBe9bNzQ]


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  1. Great review Herb! Thanks for taking the time to show everyone what this product can do.

    Did you know there’s a “Reading Mode” that displays the text on pages you can turn like a book? It gives you that e-reader feel for those early morning coffee shop reads :) It also downplays the inline resources (maps, charts, etc.) so you can focus just on the text.

    Get to it by tapping on the black navigation tab at the top then tapping on the glasses.

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