Amazon Kindle Fire Updates Software To Version 6.2

Amazon released update 6.2 for their hot Kindle Fire on November 29th. For many users (like me) connected to wi-fi, their device auto-updated. The official word on what changed in the update is a bit vague. According to their “help” page, the update “provides improvements to the operation of your Kindle Fire.” To be quite frank, I can’t tell that they improved anything at all – more about that after the break.

What I did notice is that the update killed my “root” – even though I had temporarily “un-rooted” it. Thankfully, unlike many user reports, that is all the update seemed to do.

Some users were reporting that their Android Market and other Google apps were removed or disabled. For me, everything still worked except for apps that required the root (like SU File Browser).

Fortunately, the same process used to “root” your Kindle Fire before the update still works after the update.

One thing I am really unhappy about, however, is that they did not ask me if I wanted to update – they pushed it to my device without my permission. That is *never* a good thing.

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  1. I checked out the fire a couple of weeks ago when I was in the market for a new reader. I ended up getting and iPad 2. I just needed a little more functionality than it offered and I like the larger screen on the iPad.

    I looked at the Nook tablet and the Fire. Thought they both had ups and downs. Appearance of Fire is fare better though. They near to make the memory expandable though….

    1. I hear ya – they all have their ups and downs… for me the big downer of the Pad is it’s price… I just can’t see spending $300 more just for a camera and mic, and a bigger screen (which is actually a negative in my opinion). But, like I’ve said elsewhere, the iPad is definitely the best of breed and if you can justify the cost, more power to ya!

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