GeekRev – is short for Geeky Reverend (smile).

I decided to start this blog because I believe that church size and budget should NOT be an obstacle to using technology in ministry. Plus, there are a lot of techy things that I’d like to write about that just don’t fit my devotional blog.

I pastor what I would call a relatively small, but tech-savvy church. We have a tech-oriented demographic, and we love to find creative ways to use technology to compliment ministry. However, because we have a fairly limited tech budget, we try to be very “value-minded” and squeeze every ounce of usefulness that we can from the technology we use.

This blog is a “give-back” of sorts for us – we want to share what we’ve learned (and continue to learn) through the practical use of technology. I think this blog will be especially useful to small church pastors who don’t think size is an excuse for avoiding tech.

Here’s what you’ll find here:

  • web – ideas on how to leverage web tools.
  • video – tips and tools for using video.
  • live – tips and tools for live events.
  • work – stuff to make it easier to manage ministry.
  • wpw – WordPress Wednesdays – WordPress tips
  • tuts – tutorials for various software
  • rev’s – product reviews

We need your input.

This website is for you – seriously. It is only successful with you as part of this community. How can you be part of this community?

  • Leave comments – your feedback and discussion is vital. Got another viewpoint? Got a real life example to share? If so, please leave a comment and let’s talk
  • Subscribe – the easiest way for us to get this information to you is by subscription. It does not cost you anything at all and is very easy. Go to our subscribe page to get connected.
  • Spread the word – the more varied the voices, the more valuable this information will be. So,please pass the word. On every post you’ll find some handy buttons to share the post on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Buzz.
  • Write – if you’re making tech happen on a shoe-string budget, love to write, and see the value in this type of resource, let us know.


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