3 Affordable Video Media Resources for Churches

We are so lucky at Thrive Church to have some very talented people who can produce video content for us, especially Michael Beck. In fact, check out the latest video he made for our Easter series. But, having the ability is one thing – having the time to do it is another. I can tell you that the amount of work going into the Easter videos is enormous. I am so thankful that there are lots of quality video resources available, at reasonable prices. Check out my favorite ones after the break.

  1. Igniter Media – I love this resource. Especially the Johnny & Chachi collection of humorous videos about various topics, including prayer and marriage. Excellent stuff! Their quality resources don’t end there. Most of the stuff on Igniter Media has a modern edgy feel that I really appreciate. The prices vary – between $15 and $25 per piece. In addition to sermon illustration videos, they also offer song tracks, countdowns, and projection backgrounds.
  2. Worship House Media – The first time I heard of this media group was when I got wind of their Christmas promotion where they gave away a video resource for free, every day, over the Christmas season. They also have some quality stuff. A lot of what they offer is technically excellent, as well as visually excellent. They push the envelope with the tools they have. Their content seems catered towards a more “generationally” inclusive demographic. Again, prices are very reasonable, between $15 and $25 per piece. Just like Igniter Media, in addition to sermon illustration videos, they offer song tracks, countdowns, and projection backgrounds.
  3. Sermon Spice – these guys have been a part of my library for a long time. Sermon Spice is somewhat of a broker for sermon illustration video content. They have a lot of contributors and a lot of content, and cater to the most inclusive demographic of all three of these resources. The vast contributor base and this diversity comes at a cost: quality. You really have to weed through too much “not so good” content to ind the good stuff. However, the prices are really good. I’ve seen things as low as $8. The other two resources are great, but because of their more limited inventory, I still by a lot from Sermon Spice.

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